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Our Clinical Research Academy specializes in developing and delivering theoretical and practical training for pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials staff.


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We help you develop and improve skills in clinical research management. We understand training as an intervention aimed at achieving professional development goals and growth for the learner and for the organizations involved in the clinical trial in which they will work.

A theoretical and practical training activity that goes beyond learning notions and methods, but teaches how to develop critical thinking about what to do with the tools acquired and how to use them with a constructive approach oriented to the development of one’s career and the performance of the team and the organization for which one works.

Upcoming CRES Executive training sessions:

CRES Courses

CRES provides courses on a regular basis for learners seeking to gain new skills or consolidate existing ones, in accordance with current regulations, which requires ongoing updating.

CRES courses are available through CME, and each program concludes with a test to validate the student’s learned abilities and certificate release.

We define training as an intervention that extends beyond the acquisition of concepts and procedures and enables you to form a vision for how to apply the instruments gained to accomplish development goals. We want to develop individuals capable of successfully achieving goals and advocating for both effective solutions and new projects.

CRES Corporate Training Objectives :

  1. Application of concepts and skills in case studies that simulate professional reality;
  2. Consolidation of hard & soft skills;
  3. Assessment of learning needs, review of objectives, implementation of action plan, monitoring of progress;
  4. Approach of ethical principles, current legislation and guidelines;
  5. Consolidation of skills to accelerate entry into a company.


CRES Executive Training Objectives :

  1. CRES carries out training in line with the company’s development objectives;
  2. Analysis of training needs to empower research teams and increase efficiency of teamwork;
  3. CRES implements a holistic approach to improve the complete team and reach your goals.


“Training as a tool for specializing personal skills, and as an ability to work in a team. “

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